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We offer commercial pool installation projects in the Dallas Metroplex area including resort and hotel swimming pool and spa, redesign and remodeling services for businesses, affordable commercial pool construction and maintenance for government, institutional and commercial clients.

Commercial Resort Pools Construction - Azure Pools Texas

Hotels and Resorts

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Swimming and wellness pools are popular amenities in hotels, resorts, spas, and inns. Creating a relaxing experience for your hotel guests is part of the top quality service that you can provide at your facility. Adults and kids alike will enjoy staying at a hotel that offers indoor or outdoor swimming for its convenience and the option to have the perfect workout while rejuvenating their mind and body.

Indoor Pool by Azure Pools

Communities & Swim Clubs

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A swimming pool installation at your community or club is a fun way to promote health and well being among your clients as you provide pool activities such as swimming lessons, aquatic therapy, training, and competition. A top Benefit to building a pool at your club include the ability to run your own swimming pool programs. Choose to partner with Azure Pools to take care of your pool construction and maintenance needs.

Water Park, Government and Public Schools Pools

Govern’t & Public Pools

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Student accommodation pools and spas construction. Azure Pool’s exciting projects include Parkwest: the largest student living facility in North America! The amenities at this complex are amazing, including a 5,000 sq. ft. rooftop pool and spa! We were very excited to provide a gorgeous pool for this awesome development.


In addition to the vast array of high quality residential pools, we also have applied our excellence in design and construction standards to a number of commercial pools. From apartment complexes, to residential communities, to national hotel chains, we’ve built a variety of pools that enhance the value of commercial properties and provide a truly relaxing setting.

The design and construction requirements of a beautiful, fun and safe commercial pool design are vastly more complex than even the most luxurious or intricate home aquatic environment. Not only are the scales of commercial swimming pool designs often much larger, but they must also meet the needs of a diverse variety of guests. While a basic public pool design may meet the needs of simple exercise, recreation and relaxation requirements, the finest public swimming pool designs also blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape and architecture while providing an array of recreational activities. Finally, commercial swimming pool construction and renovation practices must adhere to the current rigorous safety and legal standards.

Azure Pools Is Committed to Excellence: Delivering Custom Built Commercial Pools For Over Dallas Metro Area.

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MODA Apartments - Dallas Luxury Apartment Pool

Dallas Luxury Apartment Pool
Dallas Luxury Apartment Pool
Dallas Luxury Apartment Pool
Dallas Luxury Apartment Pool
Dallas Luxury Apartment Pool
Dallas Luxury Apartment Pool
Dallas Luxury Apartment Pool
Dallas Luxury Apartment Pool

Texas A&M

Texas A&M Pool
Texas A&M Pool
Texas A&M Pool
Texas A&M Pool
Texas A&M Pool
Texas A&M Pool
Texas A&M Pool
Texas A&M Pool


MODA Apartments Pool Construction
Texas A&M Pool Construction
parkwestlife by Park West Texas A&M

We build Pools that look spectacular by day and stunning by night.


We design and build that Aquatic paradise you are dreaming of, for your guests, family and friends. A Pool makes a home or commercial property come alive. When the weather is just right an outdoor pool will provide entertainment and exercise for everyone. Pools are a great visual to add to your commercial property amenities.

Commercial pool features that you
can request in your project include:

  • Swim-in grottos
  • Pool water slide with tunnels
  • Pool waterfalls
  • Boulders that create waterfalls flowing into the swimming pool
  • Running vein feature (a trickle of cascading water)
  • Boulder feature soil stabilization preparation
  • Hydrotherapy Spas with jets for a full body massage.
  • Outdoor customized Pool bar
  • Infinity edge pools
  • Impactful tile colors
  • 12 person spa
  • Outdoor shower

From modern marvels to rocky oasis,
no luxury is spared for your property’s guests.

  • Luscious green pool area landscapes
  • Stone foot massage path
  • Plants and trees around the pool
  • Solar panels powered pool/spa
  • Lazy river
  • Outdoor basketball pool
  • Beach/Wavy pools
  • Saltwater pools
  • Custom Mosaic tiled pool flooring
  • Changing rooms
  • Pool pergola
  • Light features around the pool and spa area
  • Pebbles surface surrounding the pool
  • Diving pools

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